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The city of Singapore is relatively small and the main sights can be seen in a matter of days. However, those planning to stay in Singapore city for a longer period will find the time to enjoy the main interesting neighbourhoods and historic districts.

On the north-eastern side of the city, Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) connects almost 200 different cities world-wide. The airport first opened its doors in 1981 and since then has grown dramatically, both in size and importance, employing in excess of 13,000 workers and serving over 35 million travellers each year.

Singapore Airport (SIN) Maps: Important City Districts

A historic and appealing part of the city, the Colonial Core features many beautifully restored buildings, stunning cathedrals and a number of impressive art galleries, such as the Singapore Art Museum. Also in this part of the city, Esplanade Park contains three important monuments and is often referred to as the Queen Elizabeth Walk, leading to the Merlion Park and the mouth of the winding Singapore River. The river itself is spanned by a number of attractive bridges, including the ornate Anderson Bridge.

The Financial District of Singapore is where you will find the city's iconic and tallest skyscrapers, which dominate much of this area and create a stunning skyline and cityscape. Not everything here is glitzy and modern. The Clifford Pier lies to the south and features a number of regular cruises and boat trips to nearby islands.

Other celebrated parts of Singapore include the Chinatown district, where you are able to experience many top Chinese attractions. The streets around Singapore's Chinatown are often bustling and the neighbourhood becomes especially busy as the Chinese New year approaches. Those looking for more of an Indian flavour will enjoy a visit to Little India, host to many Hindu celebrations and spectacular temples.

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